Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back on Task

After a very long layoff from doing any Game development, I am back at it. I missed it while I was away, and jumped straight back into Claustrum this weekend. Most of my effort was to clean up and organize my code better, but I also started changing the design to allow for my plans for the future.

Right now Claustrum gets very tedious as you progress because the enemy speeds up and you are forced to capture very small areas, build a trap, and be patient. It would play better if difficulity increased in multiple ways, not just incrementally faster opponents. I am going to add a time bonus to counter the advantage of building a small trap, and waiting; and more maps and setups to force different strategies.

And not just more maps, whole new worlds. Each world will consist of different monsters, and each map on a world will have different number of monsters, different layouts, border monsters, and other surprises.

Watch for new updates coming soon!

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