Friday, February 5, 2010

Claustrum Reviewed by MeAndMyDroid

Alster, over at MeAndMyDroid(a great blog if you are interested in checking out Android game reviews), reviewed Claustrum Lite the other day. I just stumbled across it by searching Google for my game. It is great to see that someone took notice of my game. The review is fairly positive, and notes many of the shortcommings that it currently has, and that I am working to improve. Mainly that each level can easily be won by setting a trap and being patient enough for the ball to eventually bounce into it.

The initial way I am going to handle this problem is by adding border enemies. They are 80% implemented and may even make a debuit in v0.5.0 But now I also have a few other ideas that stem around changing the ball to a more organic enemy. Giving him a bit of smarts(and perhaps weapons and friends) rather than just having him bounce around the area. This may also allow me to put a bit of a story around the game.

From the beginning, I have been planning on have a free version and a cheap paid version. I don't like ads, and I don't want the free version to be a "demo." I want the Lite version to be fully playable and enjoyable, and just for the paid version to have a little bit extra. Smart enemies and a story my be just the solution - Abduction does a great job of this. The free version is a great game on its own, and World Attack adds a story, themes, characters, challenges, and levels. If I can't figure out how to do this well, the whole game will be free, but I think if it can be done well, it is beneficial for everyone.

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