Sunday, January 17, 2010

Claustrum Version Updates

I've made a few updates so it is time to start tracking the changes. I will add to this post for changes within future releases.

v0.1 - initial release with basic gameplay.

v0.1.1 - quick update to support Android 1.5


  • Added a few graphics to replace basic circles.
  • Scaled sizes and speeds based on screen resolution - I develop mostly on a Droid and the objects were much bigger and faster on smaller resolutions, I fixed that.
  • Increased touchscreen sensitivity on smaller screens.


  • More graphics enhancements
    • Player no longer cut in half when on edge of game arena.
    • Better drawing of the Header.
  • Adjustable touchscreen sensitivity.
  • Propper game menu system(still no game save or resume).
  • Removed an old "cheat" where you could grab the red ball and "throw" it around the screen. I used this for testing collisions. I hope this is the cause of some of the errors.


  • Better UI between levels and at end game.
  • Save and restore game.
  • Polygon behavior update(player no longer stops on straight portions of the polygon, that used to be corners)


  • New Title Image and cleaner menus.
  • No restoring a game(to last menu button press) after dying.
  • Pause on restore game, resume from phone call, resume from sleep.
  • Better dialog handling.


  • Added a little depth to drawing the arena
  • Border enemies. When, how fast, and how many per level isn't decided yet, but they work. Currently 0 on level 1, 1 on level 2, and 2 on all other levels.
  • Fixed to run on 1.6 QVGA devices(Tattoo).


  • New scoring function that rewards larger captures.
  • Option for "Casual" or "Intense" game. Currently only difference is that border enemies appear in the intense game. The Casual game gives total safety while the player is on the border.


  • Double-tap to use speed bonus(boost). Optional, turn it on in the settings. Only activates while out in the area, still can click on the header to ready for next entry though.
  • Player instantly looses invincibility after a death once they leave the border.
  • Prevent unrecoverable suicides. If the rachman is 1 unit away from his tail, you cannot turn him towards it. This prevents the dreaded U-Turn suicide where you were likely to over-turn back into the rachman's tail.

Ready For Next Version

  • Better respawning of border enemies to make more than 2 possible.
  • Eliminated the need for new collision management system.

Needed improvements

  • Continued graphics enhancements.
    • Fix header on QVGA devices.
  • Fix some in-game jitters from java garbage collection.
  • More advanced interior enemies.
  • Level setup. Enemy type, count, and speed/skill for each level.
  • Fix a few polygon bugs with the outer border
  • Save high scores / Finalize scoring system

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